I am going to introduce the making of a little greenhouse. This is the second part of the project autonomous culture. Like the vegetable garden it have a tank of water and it have a 250 W solar pannel to provide the green power.


Elle est construit sur les mêmes bases que celles du potager. Pour l'assemblage n'hésitez pas à consulter l'article sur le Potager connecté.






1-The drawings of solar connected green house

2-Building the green house

3-Final result


  1-The drawings of the connected solar green house:

I have done the design with FreeCad: https://www.freecadweb.org. This is a really great software, i advice it. The green house is little bit more difficult than the vegetable garden. To fix the glasses i have done a groove in the beams. For that, i have used a circular saw and a scissor. It is take a bit of time, but it is easy. I have used double glazing, 640x1304, 640x1450, 1460x1450. Aslo i use a PVC window that do 1400 mm.  

 Drawing of tank of water of green house of innogreentech

upper parts of green house of innogreentech

roof of green house of innogreentech 

  2-The assembly of the connected solar green house:

It is the same maner than the vegetable garden. You can found them here. In more i have isolated the tank of water. I hope to use the green house during the winter, the water will be able to use like a reserve of heating.


 tank of water of green house of innogreentech



  3-Final result:


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